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 Paddles and Keys 

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Mercury: The Return of the Legend

N2DAN's legacy lives on in this beautiful dual paddle crafted from the finest materials-- massive brass base with fine chromium plate, rhodium contacts, and instrument-grade miniature ball bearing races.  Magnetic tension adjustable from 0-27Oz. The Mercury logo on the top is hand-engraved. Click here for a closeup photo of the engraving.  The Mercury Paddle weighs 3 Lbs 10 Oz.
MSRP $525.00 

(not available as of 08/01/16)
Bencher Hex Paddle
New "Hex"  Dual Paddle

Little brother of the Mercury, features powder coated steel base, gold plated silver contacts, molded acrylic finger pads, magnetic tension adjustment. Weight 3 Lb 6 Oz. 
MSRP $325.00 

(not available as of 08/01/16)

Classic BY Series Dual Paddles

The classic cantilever design features gold plated hard silver contacts, self-locating nylon bearing seats with precision stainless steel needle bearings, continuous spring tension adjustment, precision adjustable contact spacing, and comfortable molded acrylic fingerpieces.

The BY series bases measure 4" x 5" and paddle height is 2-1/4 inches. The paddle weighs 3 pounds (1.4Kg).

Click here for a pdf parts drawing for the BY paddles. There is a scan of Bencher's instruction sheet here-- note the English instructions are the top half of page one, followed by instructions in French, Spanish, and German.  Many users have found N1FN's Instructions for Adjusting Bencher Paddles to be easier to use.

BY-1 Dual Paddle, Chrome Plated on Black Base 

MSRP $169.95

BY-2 Dual Paddle, Chrome Plated on Chrome Base
MSRP 209.95 

Classic ST Series Single Lever Paddles

The classic cantilever design features gold plated hard silver contacts,  self-locating nylon bearing seats with precision stainless steel needle bearings, continuous spring tension adjustment, precision adjustable contact spacing, and comfortable molded acrylic fingerpieces. Bases measure 4"W x 5": x 2-1/4H and paddle weight is 3 pounds (1.4Kg).

ST-1 Single Paddle, Black Base 



ST-2 Single Paddle, Chrome Base

RJ Series Telegraph Keys

A superb example of the classic hand key, this new Bencher offering is a modern design featuring the finest materials and craftmanship.  Oil-impregnated sintered bronze bearing pivot points impart friction-free movement and wobble-free vertical tracking.  The "Navy" style knob (skirt is removable) provides outstanding tactile feedback.  Stainless adjusting screws allow for individual preferences of arm height, tension, and contact spacing.  The heavy steel base with durable black powder-coating or chrome finish features anti-skid rubber feet for stability.  The RJ keys measure 3"W x 6"L x 1.75" high and key weight is 2 pounds (.9Kg).

RJ-1 Straight Key, Black Base

RJ-2 Straight Key, Chrome Base

Hookup Kit for Bencher Keys and Paddles
EZ-1 Universal Kit
Shielded cable with molded 1/8"stereo plug, 1/8 - 1/4" stereo adapter, push on terminals to match the ones on Bencher paddles and keys..


Replacement Parts for Bencher Paddles

Fingerpieces for the B-series dual paddles, the ST-series single-lever paddles, and the Hex paddle, are interchangeable. The fingerpieces for B- and ST-series paddles are attached to the levers with eyelets (like rivets) and it is often easier to replace the entire lever assembly than to replace a broken fingerpiece. In the Hex paddle and some very early B/ST paddles the fingerpieces are attached with screws.  In any case, you should consider replacing both fingerpieces even if only one is broken, so that they match each other in color, clarity, and wear.

B-series fingerpieces are clear and will fit both BY and ST-series paddle. 

The replacement lever assemblies for the BY series paddles only, are supplied complete with the contact and the fingerpiece pre-attached.  Note prices for parts are per each, e.g.,  if you want to replace both fingerpieces or both  lever assemblies you
 will need to order two.

If other parts are required, we may have them so please give us a call.  If we don't have them, we can get them!  A parts list is available for the BY series paddles, which you can view by clicking here.

 BE-BFP Clear acrylic fingerpiece for B-series paddle
 BE-BYL Lever assembly (lever, fingerpiece, contact) for B-series paddle
 BE-BY1003 Contact Screw for BY/ST series paddles.
 BE-BY12005 Paddle Spring for BY/ST series paddles.

Order on-line, or call 877-DOT-DASH for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information

What Others are Saying...

I got it  [the Mercury paddle] this morning,  It's a beatiful machine.  You
told me several years ago that it was the ultimate paddle and you are so r
ight. Now to get it hooked up and wiggle my fingers.
Thanks, Chet NA5DZ

In May I ordered a Bencher RJ-1 Hand Key.  I currently live in the
Philippines and a friend hand carried the key into the Philippines
for me.  I just want to thank you for your prompt service and for
the exceptionally fine Bencher RJ-1.  It is smooth, there is no
lateral movement, the base is nicely weighted, and it was easy to
adjust.  The RJ-1 is not inexpensive, but the workmanship is
excellent and will probably last longer than I will.  Thanks much
for your excellent service!
73,  Tim -- DU9/KE0Q

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we can use your comments on the web page. 

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