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Electronic Kits & Tools
Elenco offers an incredible range of electronic test equipment, tools and kit,  with a specialty in educational tools and robotics.  We stock only a few items, but we can special order anything in their catalog. Click to visit Elenco's Web Site.  Call us on 800-238-8205 to place your order toll-free. There is a handling charge of $10.00 for special orders under $100, plus shipping (often direct to you from Elenco.)

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       Looking for a simpler, less expensive DMM?  Check out the MX-30756 on our Tools Page.

Product Code EL-M1750 $33.25


m1250   23-Range Professional Analog
  Multimeter (VOM)




Factory Assembled, Tested, and Guaranteed!

Product Code EL-M1250 23 Range VOM $26.50  

skill level

M1250 VOM is also available as a kit.  Soldering required, recommended for builders with intermediate skill level.

EL-M1250K 23 Range VOM Kit $28.25

m1006k  M1007K Digital Multimeter KIT (DMM)

  • Low Cost
  • 3 1/2 digit LCD
  • 18 Ranges
  • Transistor Test
  • Diode Test
  • Overload Protection
  • Compact Size


   Product Code EL-M1007K $23.25

   Compact 15 range Analog Multimeter (VOM)



Product Code EL-M105 $10.95

Temperature Controlled Soldering Stations

  sl10    sl30


Model ZD931

  •  Pencil iron with 1/32" conical tip
  •  Accurate control (+/- 10oF), fast 50W reheat
  •  300-900oF (150-480oC) 
  •  Grounded Tip for ESD safety
  •  Replacement Tips:
  •      SL30T    -   1/32"
  •      SL30T3  -   1/64"
  •      SL30T4  -   3/64"

These hi-tech soldering stations incorporate a sophisticated electronic circuit which monitors and enables the user to change the tip temperature from 300oF (150C) to 900oF (480C). The temperature is maintained within ten degrees (F)  of its preset temperature. The tip is isolated from the AC line by a 24V transformer. The tip is grounded to eliminate static charges.

Model ZD-931 is new and the iron holder and sponge drawer can be separated from main control unit.
These stations are made by Solomon, makers of precision soldering equipment since 1975.  
Temperature Controlled Soldering Station EL-SL10A $69.95
Digital Temp. Controlled Soldering Station EL-SL30A $87.50
Digital Temp. Controlled Soldering Station EL-ZD931 $97.50
Replacement Tip for SL10/30, 1/32"  EL-SL30T $4.15
Replacement Tip for SL10/30, 3/32"  EL-SL30T4 $4.15
Replacement Tip for SL10/30, 1/64"  EL-SL30T3 $4.15

For 25-30W Soldering Pencils and other soldering supplies see our Tools page.

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

tip cleaner

This clean brass shaving ball is much better than a wet sponge for cleaning you soldring iiron tips.  Excess solder jumps off the iron onto the brass shavings leaving a clean, shiny tinned tip. We used to wipe the tip, look at it, wipe it again, then solder.  With this you simply insert the tip into the brass shavings, give it a half twist and you are ready to work.  The bail on the top is a hany rest for the iron when it is not in use.

EL-SH1025 Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner $11.50


Basic Soldering Tools Set

SR-1 25W Soldering Iron and Stand
Tip-cleaning sponge
Long nose pliers
Side cutting pliers
Wire Stripper

Product Code EL-ST123 $16.95


Everything you need to learn how to solder with modern printed circuit boards and components.  The kit includes self-test lessons, practice soldering iron, and circuit for a European two- tone siren.  Includes SR1 25W soldering iron (see below), cutters, and everything else you need  except a 9V battery.

Product Code EL-AK100 $17.95

By building a "decision maker" kit


The future of electronics is headed for miniaturization through surface mount technology (SMT).  Taking this course of training will prepare you for the future of electronic kits.  Includes all parts and instructions to give you experience on working with surface mount  components. The finished project has 6 flashing LEDs to help you make vital decisions.

Product Code EL-SM200K $23.25

    Need Batteries?

K11 Power Supply
AC/DC Power Supply Kit

A low cost way to supply voltage to bench projects. For breadboarding, prototyping and training. The manual includes complete details of circuit operation.
Click here to view the manual.

Input voltage:   120VAC
Output voltage: 0-15VDC @ 250mA
                       8.5VAC @ 500mA  

Product Code EL-K11 $19.95



Modular instruction and construction.

The AM/FM108 Radio Training Course is 52 pages divided up into 9 lessons: Audio Amplifier, AM Detector, AM IF, AM Amplifier, AM Mixer & Oscillator, FM Detector, 1st FM IF, 2nd FM IF, FM RF Stages. 

The finished radio is a "Superheterodyne" receiver of standard AM and FM broadcast frequencies. Includes a plastic stand for "visible radio" operation.  Completed radio requires a  9V battery (not included).

AMFM108-CK is a combination of IC and transistor circuitry.

IC/Transistor version  EL-AMFM108CK $38.25

Crystal Radio Kit
Requires NO Soldering, and NO battery!

Product Code EL-MX901C $14.95

Go Lab's Crystal Radio Kit
Requires NO Soldering, and NO battery!
Build your own working crystal radio.   Look for and pick up radio stations. Earphone and antenna included.  No tools or batteries required.  Remember the earliest days of broadcast radio!

For ages 8 & up.

Product Code EL-EDU3010 $15.95

Two IC AM Radio Kit

New design --  Easy-to-build complete radio on a single PC board.  The unique design allows you to place the parts over their corresponding symbols on the schematic diagram printed on the board.  This kit teaches the basic theory of AM radio operations.  Detailed illustrations and instructions make this an easy and educational project.  Requires 9V battery.

Product Code EL-AM780K $17.95


Unlike cordless and portable phones, this fully functional telephone  doesn't require external power so it's extra handy during power outages.  The clear plastic case allows you to show friends your accomplishment!  Has advanced features like automatic redial,  mute button, and flashing LEDs when ringing. Easy to follow instructions including lesson manual  and self-test. 

Product Code EL-AK700 $34.95

rs400   Resistor Substitution Box

 24 values from 10 Ohms to 1 Megohms

 All resistors are 5% .5W

K37 Resistor Substitution Box Kit EL-RS400K $18.25
Resistor Substitution Box EL-RS400 $28.25


   Capacitor Substitution Box

  24 values from  100pF to .1uF

  Ceramic caps 50-100V 10%

K38 Capacitor Substitution Box EL-CS440K $18.25
Capacitor Substitution Box EL-CS440 $28.25

Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information

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