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North American Telegraph Keys
(formerly FingerTappers)

Hand-made Keys From Jim Richards, K6VDH

Note:  Jim stopped making keys in 2004.  This page is provided for historical and reference purposes.

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Jim Richards, K6VDH, is building a reputation as a key craftsman with his line of elegant, reasonably priced keying devices.  Jim
does all of the work himself, and has a network of "beta testers" to verify the utility of each design.

The North American Telegraph NA-2 straight key is beautifully finished and mounted on a polished granite block measuring 4-1/4 x 2-1/4 inches.    The unusually shaped knob consists of an indented brass cap over a polished cocobolo base, and it is surprisingly comfortable in use. Total weight is 1 Lb 3 Oz.

NA-2 Straight Key $119.95

The NA-10 Classic Single Lever Paddle  is a medium sized paddle machined from solid brass stock and mounted on a polished hardwood base with a rubber pad underneath.  The base measures approx. 2 x 3-1/4 inches, and the weight is 14 Oz-- quite heavy for a device of its size.  The fingerpiece is comfortably shaped black walnut, and the nameplate on the side is machine-engraved with the maker's name and serial number.

NA-10 Single Lever Paddle $99.95

Brand new, the Handcuff Key.  Jim's miniature marvel is based on a genuine handcuff key, that is, a key for unlocking handcuffs.    Precision machined and perfectly balanced, the Handcuff Key is a pure delight to use, and a real conversation starter. In earlier versions as shown above, Jim ground off the tension adjuster at the end of the key.  Current production keys have the tensioner as shown below.

NA-HCK Handcuff Key $59.95

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