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MFJ 407E
Deluxe Memory Keyer
$99.95 $109.95

MFJ-407E Deluxe Memory Keyer

Everything you need to send great code from this Curtis 8044ABM based keyer -- easy access front panel controls, all keyer modes, dot-dash memories, jam-proof spacing, weight control, sidetone, built-in speaker and more. Speed, weight, tone and volume controls, and tune, semi-auto and on/off switches are on the front panel.

A dual paddle such as the MFJ-564 lets you use the iambic mode. In this mode, you can insert a dot before a dash finishes or insert a dash before a dot finishes. Also, squeezing both paddles generates alternating dots and dashes. This lets you send characters such as C, K, and R with a single squeeze. You can switch into a semi-automatic "bug"  mode to generate dots automatically and dashes manually. Or you can use a straight key and manually generate your own dots and dashes.

You get dot-dash memory, self-completing dots and dashes, jam-proof spacing and instant start keying. Select Type Aor Type B keying to match your sending style. Has tune switch for tuning your transmitter or antenna tuner. RF proof. Built-in speaker for sidetone.  The message memory can store up to 507 characters and supports a number of embedded commands  The 407E will key both and tube transmitters. Use 9 volt battery or 12VAC with external power supply

Dimensions: 6-1/4 x 1-3/4 x 5 in.    User's guide (pdf).

Deluxe Memory Keyer $99.95

MFJ 401E
MFJ Econo Keyer With Memory

MFJ-401E Econo Keyer With Memory
A microprocessor controlled keyer that provides iambic key operation and dot-and-dash memory to make sending perfect code easier. It has tunable code speed, code weight, and sidetone frequency; it supports both direct and grid-block keying outputs. You also get to choose
between Iambic Type "A" and Type "B" keying, and there is a single message "memory."  
User's guide (pdf).

Keyer With Memory $84.95

MFJ 564B

Deluxe "Iambic" Paddles




Dual paddle (for use with iambic keyer). Features full- range adjustment in contact spacing and lever throw, self- adjusting nylon/steel needle bearings.  Chrome plated, machined frame.  Heavy base with non-skid feet..

Paddle base is 3.75" square and paddle weight is 2.5 Lbs

         Click here to view the paddle instructions (pdf file).

MFJ-564 Chrome Base, Red Fingerpieces $99.95
MFJ-564B Black Base, Clear Fingerpieces $99.95

MFJ 557

Code Practice Set



The MFJ-557 Deluxe Morse Code Practice Oscillator includes a fully adjustable telegraph key on a non-skid heavy steel base -- it stays put on the table and doesn't move around while you're sending!

The MFJ-557 lets you practice sending code at home, at work, riding in your car -- practically anywhere -- because its so easy to take it wherever you go. The volume control adjusts from barely audible to blaring full sound. You can practice without bothering anyone. The tone control gives you a wide adjustment from high "squeaky" to low "booming" tones. You even get an earphone jack for private listening. You can plug in an external speaker for super high volume in the classroom.

When you're finished cleaning up your sloppy fist with the MFJ-557, hook up the key to your transmitter and go on-the-air sounding like you were born working CW.

The MFJ-557 Deluxe Morse Code Practice Oscillator runs on a 9 volt battery (not included) or external 12VDC power supply. It measures 8 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches.

MX- VMFJ557   Code Practice Set  $49.95
AM-P12T   12vdc Power Supply 

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