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MX Sprint



MX Sprint 

The MX Sprint is no longer available (the Nye SSK-001 is out of production).  We'll leave the page here for reference purposes.

Morse Express presents the MX Sprint, an integration of Wm M. Nye's SSK-001 Super Squeeze Key Paddle and Chuck Olson's PK-3 Memory Keyer.

The MX Sprint combines a very powerful and flexible electronic keyer with a rugged and reliable go-anywhere paddle for the ultimate in keying convenience-- just connect your rig's key line via the convenient RCA phono jack on the top.

The SSK-001 Paddle features gold plated contacts, adjustable contact spacing and arm tension, and large, smooth finger pieces.  It has a heavy cast base with rubber feet, and a metal cover to protect the mechanism (and the keyer). The SSK-001 paddle without the keyer is also available from Morse Express.

The PK-3 Keyer from Chuck Olson's Jackson Harbor Press has two separate 52 character memories PLUS callsign memory. Speed is controlled by a pot, and a single pushbutton switch provides for an "instant message" such as a CQ call as well as access to the programmable functions (in combination with the paddle). It has a side-tone oscillator and pot controlled OR programmable speeds from 5-39WPM. It will even tell you (in Morse) what speed is currently set.  Also featured are program selectable A/B keying modes, and beacon send mode. Click here to view the PK-3 manual in pdf format.

Like most modern keyers, the Sprint is designed to key transistor rigs with a positive key-line voltage.

The MX Sprint weighs 2 Lbs and the base measures 3" wide by 4" long.  Total length from rear to tip of paddles is 5 1/4" and height to the top of the speed control knob is 2 5/8."  The Sprint requires a 9V battery for operation (not included).



call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information,
or click here to order on-line right now!

What Others are Saying...

Just a note to let you know the MX Sprint arrived here in fine  condition
last Thursday and I am enjoying it quite a bit. Thanks for steering me in
this direction -- it is just what I wanted and I didn't even know it. Very
easy to learn and use, while compact enough for my limited space. Every so
often I send an extra dot or dash but I made mistakes with my straight key
too, and so what. Thanks again. Hope you sell a bunch of 'em.
[added later] One week after receiving it, I earned top honors in our club for
CW contacts made during Field Day-- If that doesn't tell a prospective
purchaser something about the Sprint, nothing will!
Bruce N8UTY

I'm very happy with the operation and feel of the MX Sprint.
Thanks for a good idea/product.
72, Dave AK2A

If you are a user of the MX Sprint, your comments could be here!  Write to us via the link below, and please be sure to say specifically that we can use your comments on the web page.


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