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Oak Hills Research was founded by Doug DeMaw W1FB, the godfather of QRP.  Today OHR is your best source for quality transceiver kits and accessories. On these pages you will find descriptions and photos of our fine QRP products.  

Make OHR your QRP Headquarters!

The OHR Product Line

OHR 100A Single Band CW Transceiver Kit

OHR WM-2 QRP Wattmeter Kit

OHR DD-1 Digital Dial  Frequency counter Kit

OHR RFL-100 100W RF Load Kit
OHR/CQC RFL-10  10W RF Load Kit


Want Your Kit Built? Pre-wound Toroids?

Alignment,  Service, and Tech Support

About building an OHR kit

Manuals for OHR kits

Parts and Components

Power Supplies for QRP Rigs & Accessories


Please address all inquiries to Milestonetechnologies2020@gmail.com

OHR 500 with DD-1 Display and WM-2 QRP Wattmeter.  Click to view in full size.

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Please address all inquiries to Milestonetechnologies2020@gmail.com

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