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OHR 100A
Single Band CW Transceiver Kit

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This is what you start with-- the complete kit including enclosure, hardware, and a detailed instruction manual.  The OHR 100A kit is not difficult, and will take the average builder approximately 10 hours to complete.

Here's the completed circuit board, before installation in the enclosure.   All component and locations are silk-screened on the board, off-board wiring is by means of pre-made Molex connectors, and the solder side is masked for your convenience.

Everything fits neatly inside the OHR100A enclosure, which is pre-punched to very precise tolerances.  Alignment is simple, using a Digital Voltmeter and your "main" station transceiver, and there are only a few adjustments to make.  An oscilloscope is NOT required for alignment. The close-up image at the right shows the optional 100A Keyer installed above the main board.

100a front100a back


Ta-daaaa!  The finished product, a quality CW transceiver and YOU built it!

We use and recommend Kester "245" No-Clean Solder.
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