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The OHR DD-1
Digital Dial and Frequency Counter Kit

The Oak Hills Research DD-1 is a six digit counter designed to be used as a digital dial with all of our transceiver kits. It can also be used as a general purpose 100 Hz to 50 MHz frequency counter, a digital dial for home built rigs, an add-on digital dial for commercial transceivers, transmitters or receivers. The counter will operate with tube or solid state equipment having a variable oscillator system up to 50 MHz. It will accommodate cases where the oscillator tunes in reverse with respect to operating frequency. Direct frequency readout can be displayed with any IF offset as long as the frequency being measured is 50 MHz or less.

Some of the advanced features of the DD-1 include anti-jitter code which reduces last digit jitter, sixteen non-volatile stored offset and mode programs, five of which are push button selectable from the front panel, programmable reverse counting for reverse tuning VFOs, selectable direct frequency readout, automatic display blanking to conserve power when the frequency is not changing, you can also just blank the 100 Hz digit and/or the megahertz digit if you so choose.

Click to view builder videos on YouTube:  Juan EA5BLP  Lynn NG9D

The DD-1 has two switch-selected input connectors on the rear panel. One is used for direct frequency measurement and the other for digital dial applications. The DD-1 requires from 9 - 13.6VDC for proper operation. The current drain is 100mA with all six digits active and 40mA with all digits blanked.

The completed unit measures (HWD) 1 3/4" x 4 1/2" x 4" and weighs 11 oz. The kit is complete with cabinet, two high quality silkscreened and masked PCBs, all components and instructions.

Want OHR to build it for you? Click here for details.

OHR DD-1 Digital Dial/Counter Kit, $139.95
Build, Align, Test OHR DD1, $75.00

Recomended accessories--
13.5V Power Supply for external power
Fuse Holder and 1A Fuse (for use with power supply)
Tools and Solder

This kit includes one or more devices which are extremely sensitive to electrostatic discharge.  We recommend the use of an antistatic wrist strap

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