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Parts and Components

Years ago Oak Hills Reseach supplied parts and components to the QRP building community.  We're reviving the tradition, starting with a few hard-to-find parts that we have access to in quantity.  We can't always give you the lowest price on the market, but the difference will be relatively painless if you include your parts with another order from OHR or Morse Express.

Please note that we do have a minimum $10 order exclusive of shipping, but that minimum can be met with any combination of products from OHR, Milestone Technologies, and Morse Express.  A good starting point would be our Tools Page.

These are all factory fresh parts (we use NO surplus parts in OHR kits, and you shouldn't either!), and some of them are made exclusively for Oak Hills.

OHR Parts and Components
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  Part Number Description Price  
OP-602  SA602AN Mixer-Oscillator IC, DIP-8 $4.25
OP-K032  Crystal, 9MHz, Set of 4 Matched  $6.00
OP-K092  SO239 Coax jack, panel mount, silver/teflon $2.00
OP-K095 Toggle Switch, SPDT $1.00
OP-K096 Toggle Switch, DPDT $1.20
OP-K147 Alum Spacer, 1/4x3/8 4-40 threaded through $0.40
OP-HP1 Hardware pack 4-40 x 1/4"
5 ea.  4-40x 1/4" phil pan machine screw, lock washer, #4 hex nut
OP-HP2 Hardware pack 4-40 x 5/16"
5 ea.  4-40x 5/16" phil pan machine screw, lock washer, #4 hex nut
OP-HP2A Hardware pack 4-40 x 3/8"
5 ea.  4-40x 5/16" phil pan machine screw, lock washer, #4 hex nut
OP-HP3 Hardware pack 4-40 x 5/8"
5 ea.  4-40x 5/8" phil pan machine screw, lock washer, #4 hex nut
OP-HP4 Hardware pack 4-40 x 3/4"
5 ea.  4-40x 3/4" slot pan machine screw, lock washer, #4 hex nut
OP-HP5 Hardware pack 6-32 x 5/8"
5 ea.  6-32 x 5/8" phil pan machine screw, lock washer, #6 hex nut
OP-HP6 Hardware pack 6-32 x 3/4"
5 ea.  6-32 x 3/4" phil pan machine screw, lock washer, #6 hex nut
OP-K1N34  1N34A Germanium Diode DO-7 (7mm) Package $2.00
OP-K1N34As 1N34A Germanium Diode DO-35 (3.5mm) Package $0.40
OP-K234  Molded DC Power Cord, 2.5mm plug  $4.95
OP-K293  DC Coaxial Power jack, panel mount $1.50
OP-K911  RCA Phono Jack, panel mount $0.55
OP-K923 RCA Line Jack, red and black (pair) $2.25
OP-MC101  .01uF 50V mono cap, 5mm lead spacing $0.10
OP-MC102  .1uF 50V mono cap, 5mm lead space $0.11
OP-K049-8 Cable, 22AWG hookup wire 8 colors 
OP-K047 Cable, 22AWG hookup wire 25 colors PER FOOT $2.00
OP-K145 Cable Ties, 4" Black Nylon, package of 100 $2.29
OP-43182 Fuse holder, in-line, 14AWG, for 1.25" AGC fuse $2.95
OP-31010 Fuse,  0.25A 250V AGC 1.25"  pkg of 5 $2.00
OP-31015 Fuse,  0.5A 250V AGC 1.25"  pkg of 5 $2.00
OP-31020 Fuse,  1A 250V AGC 1.25"  pkg of 5 $2.00
OP-31025 Fuse, 1.5A 250V AGC 1.25" pgk of 5 $2.00
OP-71240 Binding Posts,  Red / Black,  Pair $2.25
OP-K296 Knob, 3/4", Aluminum Insert
for 1/4" shaft, 1/2"deep, slotted set screw, index line
OP-K294 Knob, 1-1/2", Aluminum Insert
for 1/4" shaft, 5/8"deep, slotted set screw
OP-K904 Knob, 5/8" plastic, white indicator dot
for 1/4" shaft, slotted set screw
OP-OCM308a  Knob, "Chickenhead" Pointer
for 6mm shaft, slotted set screw, easily drilled out to 1/4" if needed

SO-239 to BNC Conversion Kit

This is a simple adaptEr kit to replace an existing SO-239 socket with a BNC connector.  The kit consists of a punched plate which mounts over the existing opening for an SO-239, using the same holes, and a BNC female bulkhead connector with gold-plated pin for easy soldering. Complete with mounting hardware and instructions.

OP-SB1  SO-239 to  BNC Conversion Kit  $5.00
OP-SB2 SO-239 to BNC Conversion Kit,  two-pack $7.50

PL259 S/TPL-259 Silver Plated, Teflon Insulator

Standard PL-259 UHF connector, silver plated for easy soldering and Teflon insulator for consistent 50 Ohms impedance with no "bump."  Fits RG-8 coax standard.  Reducers UG175 and UG176 for smaller-diamter coax available separately below.
OP-P500 PL-259 Silver / Teflon $2.25
OP-P500-5 PL-259 Silver / Teflon
Package of 5
OP-P507N UG-175 Reducer for RG58 $0.50
OP-P508N UG-176 Reducer for RG8X, RG59 $0.50
pl259qaPL-259QA Push-On Adapter
A quick-disconnect for your coax cables!  We've used these on the OHR test bench for years, and finally found them in commercial quantities.  Just screw your existing PL259 onto the adapter and push the adapter on to your SO-239 coax jack, providing a solid friction fit that is fine for temporary installations or where you need to change cables often. 
OP-PL259QA PL-259QA Push-on Adapter $5.00
 BNC and UHF Adapters
P060OP-P060 BNC MALE to UHF FEMALE $3.25 ea.
P519OP-P519 BNC FEMALE TO UHF MALE $3.25 ea.
P514  OP-P514 UHF MALE TO UHF MALE $3.25 ea.
P517.JPGOP-P517 UHF FEMALE TO UHF FEMALE (Barrel) $3.00 ea.
P525RAOP-P525RA UHF FEMALE TO UHF MALE (Right Angle) $3.75 ea.

UG1094B   BNC Bulkhead Connector
Single hole, with nut and solder lug
OP-1094B BNC Female Bulkhead connector $1.40

... for more Cables, Plugs, Adapters, and Line Chokes CLICK HERE.

Order on-line, orcall toll-free 1-866-OHR KITS (1-866-647-5487)
 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information,


We use and recommend Kester "245" No-Clean Solder.
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