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RFL10 Assembled

Dummy Load Kit Parts

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RFL-10 RF Load Kit $11.50

OHR has teamed up with the Colorado QRP Club to offer the handiest dang gadget this side of the Pecos - a 10-Watt dummy load kit! This neat little package can be tossed into your backpack, Field Day box or your travel luggage. Also, keep one close by in the shack or at the workbench. 

The CQC RFL-10 Dummy Load Kit consists of two 5 Watt 100 Ohm metal oxide resistors connected in parallel, giving you a nice non-inductive 50 Ohm DC resistance.  We've field tested these babies and they produce a remarkably flat 1:1 SWR from 1.8 - 30 MHz. The main body of the RFL-10 is an S0-239 coaxial socket which allows you to create a nice in-line package. Two sturdy adapters are included, one that allows you to connect directly to an SO-239 coax connector, and another that allows you to connect to a BNC socket.  There are two solder connections, and that's it. 

When completed the RFL-10 will dissipate 10W  continuously, and up to 25W for brief periods.

A part of the proceeds from the sale of each RFL-10 will go to the Colrado QRP Club. If you are a QRP operator you should consider joining this terrific organization, a Colorado club with internatinal membership. Click to visit the CQC web site.

OHR/CQC RFL10 $11.50    

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