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Support, Alignment, and Repair Services

For technical support on any OHR kit, send an e-mail message to support@ohr.com.  That is the preferred means of support, but if you do not have e-mail capability, call us at (303) 752-3382. 

If you need to send your completed kit in to OHR for alignment and/or service, remove any installed batteries, pack it carefully, tape this form to it, and ship it  to:

Morse Express / OHR
2460 South Moline Way   
Aurora CO 80014-1833

Include a description of the service required.  You can charge the service to your credit card by completing the credit card information and signing.   Alignment fees indicated below include minor repairs at our discretion.  If more serious repairs are necessary you will be contacted before the work is done.

Print out and complete the form, or click here for the form in printable pdf format


 Oak Hills Research Service Request
NAME    ___________________________________________
(and FCC Callsign if Applicable)

ADDRESS _________________________________________

CITY/STATE/ZIP  ___________________________________

PHONE (____)__________________________   E-mail address:__________________

CREDIT CARD Number _____________________________ Expiration Date (MM/YY) ________

Security Code ______   SIGNATURE  ____________________________________ Date: ____/____/____

I am returning the following unit(s) for service: _____________________________
Service requested is (e.g. alignment, repair): ________________________________

Use other side if necessary to provide as much detail as possible if there is a known problem:    

Fee enclosed or authorized for charge to my card is (check one):

        OHR 100A Alignment:  $50          □         (if keyer installed add $10)     □

        OHR WM-2 or DD-1 Alignment: $35    □        Other ________________________

RETURN SHIPPING, USA, insured Priority Mail: from $12.90   □ (depending on kit size/weight/value)   or    Other ________________ For other shipping methods, the rate will usually be the same as that charged when we originally shipped the kit to you.

Order on-line, or call toll-free 1-866-OHR KITS (1-866-647-5487)
 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information,


We use and recommend Kester "245" No-Clean Solder.
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Oak Hills Research
Division of Milestone Technologies, Inc.
2460 South Moline Way, Aurora CO 80014
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