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What Was New

This is an archive from our "What's New" page, kind of a historical record of what was introduced when.  There are a few products that have come and gone, and there have been a few changes to the organization of our web site, so a number of the links on this page will be invalid.  If you encounter a bad link, try the "Search" button at the top of the page.  

Scheunemann has released the new Einhebel 3 single lever paddle.

GHD is back in the "bug" business with the new GN-206S

Magnetic QuickMount for the Palm Mini Paddle

Nye  320-001, 320-003, and 310-003  Nye Speed-X keys in stock

Nye  Navy Knob Upgrade for oval-base Speed-X keys

Shielded plugs (and installation service) for Scheunemann paddles and keys.

A few 2014 Christmas Key still available

EL-M1250 Elenco Professional Multimeter (VOM) assembled and tested

Palm MP-S and MP817 paddles now ship with "improved  cable."

New Palm Single Paddle (also works as cootie key).

New Tone Tube Code Practice Oscillator from Palm Radio

New Chrome Base GN807A Dual Paddle from GHD

Improved cable for Palm Radio Mini Paddle

Go Lab's EDU3010 Crystal Radio Kit 

New SM-141 Schenemann Small Hand Key, "Ruby" and Blue Fingerpieces for Morse Dirigent

More sizes for AGC fuses, 5 packs, .25, .5, 1, 1.5A

MFJ Electronic keyers - Deluxe Slimline and Econo Keyer II


 Pico Plate for magnet mounting on aluminum surfaces

 Steel side Panel for KX3

 Standard and reversed cables for Pico Paddle

Our 2013 Christmas Key is available for immediate shipping!

Jetstream JT-200DM 200W Dummy Load

Vibroplex Collectors' Guide, CD-ROM Format

Palm Radio's New Pico Paddle Silver

New Cootie Key from GHD, the GF501A Speed Key

Palm Radio's New Pico Paddle

Palminator Palm Mini Paddle Cable Adapter

Our  Summer 2013 Catalog

Nye Speed-X telegraph keys are back in stock

Morse Express 2012 Christmas Key

Schurr Hand Keys are Back! Scheunemann Kleine Handtaste

Power-On LED kit for the OHR WM-2 QRP Wattmeter

AADE's 20dB HF Preamplifier Kit back in production

Elenco AM/FM  Radio Kit and Training Course

GHD Dual Paddle Kit on Chrome Base

Bencher EZ-1 Universal Hookup Kit for Keys and Paddles

New 12V SLA (Gel Cell) battery.

Cable Kits for Logiikey  Keyers

New Vibroplex VIBROCUBE Paddles

30X LED Illuminated Magnifiers

More issues of Funny Noises posted for free download

CD-ROM Version of Sevick's Understanding Baluns and Ununs

CD-ROM Version of Bill Orr's HF Antenna Handbook

Morse Express 2011 Christmas Key   (eleventh in the series!)

MFJ 564B Deluxe "Iambic" Paddle

BHC BirdyKey Z73PLUS Miniature Telegraph Key

The Wireman, Press Jones N8UG,  WIREBOOK V

Rainbow Kits ACA1 HF-VHF Active Antenna

Rainbow Kits 10mm Jumbo LED kit, red or green

General 6" Steel Rule / Depth Gauge

Palm Radio's keys and paddles are now supplied with the travel case.

Our  Spring 2011 Catalog

BHC BirdyKey Z73 Miniature Telegraph Key

uniHAM UNI-730 Dual Paddle

GHD Dual Optical Paddle with Black Base GD508AB

Vibroplex Square Brass Racer Paddle

19-Range Digital Multimeter

Cable Ties, Black Nylon, 4"

Our updated Winter 2010-2011 Catalog

Jane Wodening's "Living Up There" Audio Book

4 inch Locking Pliers

New TC-701 Practice Key from Hi-Mound

Morse Express 2010 Christmas Key

Fitted Travel Case for Palm Paddles and Accessories

Replacement Fingerpieces for Katsumi KM-23 Paddle

French's Ted McElroy Biography, CD-ROM Version

BNC Female Bulkhead Connector

VIBROPLEX  keys, bugs, and paddles (more models arrived 7/2)

VIBROPLEX Collector's Guide is back in print

ELENCO Delrin Alignment Tool Set

ELENCO AC/DC Power Supply Kit 

UHF and BNC connectors and adapters

Scheunemann Einhebel 2 Single Lever Paddle

JetStream 30A Power Supply

JetStream HF and VHF/UHF Power & SWR Meters

Our Winter 2009-2010 Catalog

Jane Wodening's "Living Up There"

The 2009 Morse Express Christmas Key

Jerry Sevick's "Understanding, Building, and Using Baluns and Ununs"

JetStream Antenna Insulators

AMECO K-4 Key installed on UKB Base
Scarce, collectable keys in our Collectors' Corner

Knee-Board Clipboard for Leg-Key

Replacement knobs for GHD GT501A and GT501MIL

Three different variants of the Junker DBGM telegraph key.

Single Lever Paddle MK704 and Dual Paddle Mechanism (build-in) MK701 from Hi-Mound

New Portable Paddles from Scheunemann Morsetasten

Dave Ingram (K4TWJ's) new book "QRP Romps!"

GHD's New 
GN607A Dual Paddle,   GN599JR Dual Paddle,  GD508 Optical Dual Paddle

Nut Starter for #2, #4, and small #6 hex nuts

GHD's New 
GK607A Keyer/Paddle  and GR301 Morse Training Unit

Binding Posts, Red & Black Pair

The 2008 Morse Express Christmas Key

Tom Perera's "Telegraph Collectors' Guide", new 3rd Edtion.

Pro'sKit folding magnifier, 8x 21mm with LED illumination

New switching power supplies and backup systems from   Jetstream 

Katsumi  Electronic Keyer / Paddle  KA-EK160

Tom French's "McElroy, world's champion radio telegrapher" is back in print.

True "Needle-Nose" Pliers

The Scheunemann Morsetasten "Morse Dirigent"
(successor to the Schurr Profi 2)

GHD's new GN599DX Paddle

Power-on LED Option for OHR 100A

4" Adjustable Wrench

EA6YG, founder of LTA, SK

6' Stereo Headphone Extension Cord

Deluxe 32-Ohm stereo/mono Headphones

MFJ 557 Code Practice Set (key and oscillator)

From Elenco Electronics, M1006K Digital Multimeter Kit

1/8W Speedy Bend Component Lead Forming Tool

TCXO2 Calibrated Frequency Reference from AADE

Our 2007 Christmas Key has arrived!

32-Ohm Headphones

Mouse Pad

Economy Solder in two diameters, 1Kg rolls

OHR/CQC RFL-10, 10W Dummy Load Kit

Antistatic Foam for IC storage

PL259 with UG175 adapter

New Camelback key from LTA

GHD's new top-of-the line American style key, the GT501MIL

Intelligent 12V battery charger

New Autokey, KIT Key, KIT Paddle, Combo Key, and Morse Training Unit from GHD Telegraph Key

New Plugs and Adapters including Stereo Y

Jetstream products:  power supplies, SWR/pwr meters, speakers, coax switches

RAC CodeBoy Simple Electronic Keyer

Super Lube synthetic grease and aerosol lubricant

GHD's new optical dual paddle, the GD-817A

Rainbow's new $6.95 1W Audio Amplifier Kit

Morse Express appointed North American Agents for Katsumi Electric Co. Ltd., manufacturers
of keyers, oscillators, and paddles.

New Products from Elenco, including temperature controlled soldering stations and the
Elenco Precision 3A 13.8V Power Supply 

New LTA   BBVO key on solid brass base

New Books-- Ham Radio Anthologies:

    Home Brewing Techniques

    Test Equipment and Repair Techniques

     Antennas, Volumes 1 and 2

Hook up wire/cable 6/8/25 conductor color coded

Solar Lite solar rechargeable LED flashlight.

New LTA Combo Key and Cooties on solid brass bases.

Electronic wrench sets in metric sizes.

The SKCC (Straight Key Century Club) Key

GHD 407 Series Single Paddles and GN207 Bug

Antistatic Work Mats

New Books:  The Victorian Internet  by Tom Standage,

and Bill Orr's HF Antenna Handbook

Elenco Crystal and AM Radio Kits

LED Pens now in Pink and White

SCHURR Portable 2 dual paddle

AMPLIDAN Professional Marine Telegraph Key,  Model 50713

GHD US style key,  GT502-MIL

Aluminum key bases for Nye keys

Aluminum key bases for Ameco K-4 keys

Palm Radio Infrared Link Technology for keys and keyers

Super-Lube Precision Lubricator and Heat Sink Compound

MX "T-Tone" Code Practice Oscillator Kit

French's  Vibroplex Collectors' Guide 3rd Edition

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section and Privacy Policy launched.

LED Pen/Flashlights in 5 colors, and new Rainbow pen

Batteries for most of our products, and a 7AH Gel Cell 

N1FN's new Guestbook

NF7E's Wind Key Plans

GT502 and 503 keys, and fully automatic GN907 mechanical bug from GHD

AADE's TCXO Frequency Reference

Palm Radio's new PPK Portable Key!

Idiom's new Logikey K-5 electronic keyer.

The Junker DBGM key is back!


The Morse Express 2005 Christmas Key

Shielded (metal body) stereo plugs for paddles and audio.

80M version of the OHR 100A CW Transceiver Kit

New miniature brass/gold paddle model AMI/O from LTA

Collectable varieties of the Chinese D117/K4

Codemaster V Morse program now available on CD-ROM

2005 Update of the classic Hi-Mound MK-706 Paddle

Schurr single lever paddle, the "Einhebel"

Pocket mini screwdriver with 4 tips

Dave Ingram's Keys III, the World of Keys CD ROM

Dave Ingram's Keys III, the World of Keys CD ROM

Palm Radio's Peg Leg tilt stand for the Yaesu FT-817

Bencher Straight Keys Series RJ

Jackson Harbor 6-Switch Button Bar Kit

Bencher Paddles Series BY/ST, Mercury, Hex

The 2004 Morse Express Christmas Key is here!

New retractable GM-701 Travel Paddle from GHD

New PK-4 Keyer and Island Memory II from Jackson Harbor.

Keyboards and Adapters for the Alspaugh Morse Encoder

6" Metric and SAE stainless steel rule

Precision Long Nose Plier

AMECO Low Pass Filters and Dummy Loads

GHD Super Autobug Keyer GK-509

Probe/Scraper Set
Precision Tweezer Set
6" Polycarbonate Caliper
Hex Key Sets,  SAE and Metric

Morse Express Coffee Mugs and Screwdrivers

Tom Perera's (W1TP) ENIGMA CD reference.

...AND Collector's Guide book /CD Rom Package Deal.

AMECO PT-3 HF-6M Transceiver Preamplifier and active antenna.

New, AC Power Strip Liberator, Plus

The Chinese keys are back, at lower prices, and new K5

AMECO TPA HF preamplifier and active antenna.

Electronic Raibow's Sine Wave Audio Oscillator kit.

LTA's semi-kit code practice oscillator, or "oscilador de tono"

--At this point, in 2014, we were delighted to announce that we had moved to the Bethany Drive premises.
--I'm entering this in 2017, fourteen years later, after we have moved back into 2460 S. Moline Way.

We've MOVED!  And we have a Show Room! Our new address, map, and directions are on the QTH page.

The LDG Z-100 Autotuner (also assembled versions of the Z11 and RT11 tuners!)

World's most expensive key? The Hi-Mound HK-8 Serpentine Key
See also new marble base key HK-702 and paddle MK-705

In-Line Fuse Holder and Fuses

The 2003 Morse Express Christmas Key is here!

New from GHD Keys, Electronic "Autobug" memory keyer.

Basic and Memory Keyer Options for Oak Hills Radios

3-1/2 Digit Multimeter from Elenco Electronics

Super Bright Red and Blue LED Pens

LDG's RT-11 Remote Autotuner Kit

From CT Keys, a chrome plated version of the CT-1 miniature key.

New from GHD Keys, Single Lever "Speed Paddle."

Filters, Pre-amps, and code training materials from AMECO

CT-9BR Dual Paddle on Brass Base from CT Keys

At last!  The 3rd Edition of Bob Locher's classic "The COMPLETE DX'er"

CT-91 Single Lever Paddles from CT Keys

New from LTA-- stand-alone SOUNDER and MARCONI KEY

Classic BRASS CAMELBACK key from CT Keys

Kits and Tools from Elenco Electronics

New brass based BBC and BBCO keys from LTA  

New Belarussian Paddles from VGA Keys, T-1A improved single lever and T2 "split T" dual paddle

New from GHD Keys:
    "Home Base" heavy base for GM307 micro paddles
    High speed AND low speed (additional) weights for GD907 Auto Keys

New "ASIA-II" Straight Key from CT Keys

Economy PL-259 "Push-On" Coax Connector Sleeve

Automatic Antenna Tuner Kits from  LDG are on sale!

New from GHD Keys:
    GF601 Cootie Key
    GT507 Straight Key with black base
    "Home Base" heavy base for 307WS paddles
    GN507DX "DX paddle"
    GM707 "Micro Paddle"

New Tools:
    Pro's Kit Solder Pump, Solder Tool Set, Electronic Tool Kit,Ceramic Driver Set
    Economy Solder Wick
    AC Power Strip Liberator

New versions-- the LTA KOB (key and sounder) and the North American "Handcuff Key."

PL-259 "Push-On" Coax Connector

WIREBOOK IV is here!

New brass based BBE key and BBI paddle from LTA

The 2002 Morse Express Christmas Key

Older GHD models, 30% off!

New Russian Single Lever Paddle, the VGA T-1

NA-HCK miniature "Handcuff Key"

NA-200 Straight Key and Paddle "Combo" on polished granite base

Dave Ingram's "33 Simple Weekend Projects"

SO-239 to BNC Conversion Kit

Bulgarian Red Paddle Key

New cables for keys and paddles

TWO new SERIES of paddles from GHD!

New Granite Base Straight Key from North American

New CODE CUBE memory keyer from Palm Radio

ULTRA LIGHT HF'n by Dave Ingram

Super CW Audio Filter kit with amplifier

Plexiglass DUST COVERS for GHD keys

Jackson Harbor Press introduces the ISLAND KEYER II kit

New "ASIA" Straight Key from CT Keys

New "ANFANGER"  beginner's straight key from Schurr Morsetasten

KEYS, KEYS, KEYS   Book (the original!) by Dave Ingram K4TWJ

Super CW Audio Filter kit

Brass Key Base for Nye Speed-X keys

Ceramic screwdriver (Alignment Tool)

New "Europe" Dual Paddle from CT Keys

MX Sprite Miniature Telegraph Key

Vibroplex Collector's Guide is back, new third edition.

New Straight Keys from  GHD

New Dual Paddle from North American Telegraph (formerly FingerTappers)

New CT22 Standard Paddle from CT Keys

New Mods for the Ten Tec 1254 Receiver

A new Mini Portable Paddle from Schurr Morsetasten

New Tools: Electronic Screwdriver Set and Folding Magnifier

Alspaugh Morse Keyboard Encoder, now available AS A KIT.

"KOB" telegraph key with sounder, the "Telegrapho" from LTA

New "817" version of the Palm Mini Paddle

Hookup Wire, cable, 22AWG 25 colors from OHR

Split Core RFI Chokes For power and phone line filtering

New Tools:  Precision Wire Strippers, Micro Nippers, and Electronic Wrenches

New 20dB HF Preamplifier Kit from AADE

Convertible Dual/Single Lever Bug from GHD

Your Guide to HF Fun, by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ

Portable 13.5VDC power supply for QRP radios and accessories

Palm Radio's new Mini-Paddle, from Germany

Tom Perera's CD-ROM Key Collector Reference

Classic JRC Key from Japan Radio Corporation

A few parts and components from Oak Hills Research

New Oak Hills Research Kit-- the RFL-100 RF Load

Original LDG QRP Tuner Closeout!

New convertible dual/single paddle from GHD

New DIN cable for the Electroinstrument Key-8 keyer-paddle

RCA plug to stripped-ends cable

The classic German Junker Key

New CT6 Deluxe Straight Key from CT Keys

Sorry, sold out! In the Collector's Corner, 10-year old MIB Vibroplex Originals

New Tools-- steel rule, clip lead set, component lead bender.

Oak Hills Research 100A  transceiver kit for 15 METERS.

Kester #951 Flux Pen.

Thorsen's Vertrel-XM cleaner, lubricant for contacts, antennas, etc.

Limited Edition Morse Express Millennium Key

Price Reduction on HP1TK Soviet Key

New version of the FingerTappers Single Paddle

New Deluxe Dual Paddle from CT Keys

New Deluxe Camelback key from CT Keys

Q-Dope! If you know what it is, you NEED it!

Precision Teflon Lubricator, perfect for keys, bugs, and paddles.

The Original and Miniature Swedish Pump Keys

Accessories for LDG Autotuners

New CT-11 Single Lever Paddle from CT Keys

New On-line Full Text Articles by N1FN:

CW - The Once and Future Mode
QRP - When Less is More
AT-11MP and Z11 Automatic Antenna Tuners from LDG

Detail photos for the OHR 500 transceiver kit

Ten Turn VFO Pot option for the OHR 100A transceiver kit

Shielded Hook-up Cables for keys, bugs and paddles

Antistatic Wrist Strap (Permanent)

OHR Kits Built to Order BY OHR.

J-38 Key Jewelry and Accessories

Solder Paste Flux, and De-Soldering Braid

12" Wall Clock, WWVB Synchronous

New Keys from FingerTappers

New "old" Camelback Key from "CT Keys" in the Ukraine

New Keys from Wm Nye Company

Three new "CT" Keys from the Ukraine

Bases for Nye Speed-X Keys

New PK-3 Keyer from Jackson Harbor

Quadrium TA-1 Paddle price reduction

Dual wattage (15/30W) soldering iron

Ameco Code Practice Oscillator, assembled

Kester's Electronic Silver Solder

Atomic Time WWVB sychronized UTC travel clock

More tools-- precision tweezer and needle file sets

Schurr "Einbau" paddle mechanism

Nye "Ranger" leg strap key, military contract

NOS Soviet Military Keys

Kester "245" No Clean Solder

Optional OHR Keyer for the OHR100A  $29.95

Detailed construction photos of the OHR QRP Wattmeter Kit

Detailed construction photos of the OHR 100A Transceiver Kit

6 Piece Precision Pliers Set for $11.95

Joe Lunsford's Smart Keyer III

The Chinese "No-Name" Paddle

From W3ZVT, the miniature "SOX Key."

From Morse Express, the MX Sprint keyer/paddle.

An index of our keys, paddles, and bugs in price order.

Moreau's "Story of the Key"

Miniature Portable Pump Keys (#60/61) from G4ZPY

Two inexpensive keys from AMECO.

Milestone Technologies has acquired Oak Hills Research!

GHD Optical Single Lever Bug GD205MKII

Chinese Military (PLA) Surplus Keys

New E-mail List (reflector) for Morse Enthusiasts

CW Keyboard InterfaceBoard from Ron Alspaugh-- wired, tested, and ready to go.

Product Development Survey
--We need YOUR feedback on a wood base for keys and an integrated keyer-paddle. Click above to take the brief survey, or here to view the results so far.

Control Panels for HB Equipment  -- An illustrated tutorial by N1FN

G4ZPY Keys--  Model 4 Pump on thick marble or stone base, and Model 12/35 Marconi Key.

PK-2 Keyer Kit--  Miniature TICK compatible memory keyer from Jackson Harbor.

New Books-- French's "McElroy, World's Champion Radio Telegrapher," and
Bob Locher's "The Complete DX'er"

GHD's GD-305 single lever paddle with optical sensors.

320-001 Key from Wm M. Nye Company, nickel plated Speed-X

Super CMOS III Keyer Kit and Logikey K-3 Assembled Keyer from Idiom Press!

The New BK-200 Bug from Hi-Mound

GHD Paddles and Bugs from Japan

G4ZPY Keys and Paddles from England

SCHURR Keys and Paddles from Germany-- the Mahoganies are in stock!

330C Key from Wm M. Nye Company, their first new key in 20 years!

Dipole construction article, full text with illustrations.

Articles!  Jerry Bartachek's "The Art of Side-Swipery" (how to use a cootie key) and Bob Nellans' "Learning and Using Morse Code."

Books!  Perera's Telegraph Collector's Guide, French's Vibroplex Collector's Guide, Radio Telegrapher's Handbook, Solar Made Simple, and an 1860's telegraphy reference.

New Tools-- 3-way 12V Lighter Adapter, 4" Brass Calipers.

DDF1B digital display & frequency counter kit, BACKLIT, from AADE.

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