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 Ordering Information
On this page you'll find Information about...

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Near each item that is for sale through our web site, you will find the following shopping cart links:

When you click on the "Add to Shopping Cart" link, you'll see a page listing all of the items you have selected up to that point.  From there you can can make changes to your order,  proceed to checkout and enter your payment and shipping details, or coninue shopping.   The "View Cart" link can be used at any time to see all of the items you have selected.

A "secure browser" is necessary to use this system-- all transactions, including adding items to your shopping cart, are processed on our secure server.  If you get a message saying that you cannot access our secure system, just call us on 800-238-8205 and place your order by phone.

Java Script and Cookies

You do NOT need to have Java Script enabled, and you may not need to accept cookies.  Java Script is used only on the shopping cart display page, and it is used only to update the screen if you make changes on it.  If Java Script is not enabled in your browser, you will not see totals updated (or deletions) until you proceed to checkout.

A single cookie is stored on your system (if you allow it) containing the details of your personal shopping cart.  The cookie is accessible only by our secure server, and will be deleted when your order is completed.  If you do not accept cookies, you will still be able to use the system to order one item at a time.  Adding any subsequent item to the shopping cart will delete the current contents.

Our recommendation is that you turn Java Script on, and allow cookies to be set, while you are shopping on our web site.  And turn them both off when you leave.

Prices and Specifications

All prices shown in our web site and in our printed catalog are believed accurate at time of publication, but are subject to change without notice.  Sometimes we are affected by a manufacturer's price increase with little or no notice.  When that happens we have no choice but to pass the increase on to you, our customer.  But please note that we do also pass along reduced prices when that happens! In the unlikely event that a price has gone up on an item that you have ordered electronically, we will always advise you of the new price and seek your approval before processing the order.

Product specifications are as supplied by manufacturers (including Milestone Technologies) and are also subject to change without notice.  Such changes are always for the better (or we wouldn't sell those products), so we reserve the right to send you a better product without notice.  In the unlikely event that such a change has a negative impact on you, we will cheerfully refund your purchase price upon return of the product.

Shipping and Handling Charges


                                USPS        UPS      FedEx

Shipping options can be confusing because of the wide variety of packages, modes, and destinations that we deal with.  If you  select "best way" shipping we will select the mode that represents the most appropriate combination of speed, economy, and reliability.  We will always advise the shipping and handling charge before we ship, or you can obtain a shipping quote before placing your order.

Most orders weighing a pound or less, where the value is under $30, can be shipped by USPS Priority Mail for $8.40 per ORDER to any address in the US, but without insurance.  Priority Mail with insurance starts at  $10.90 and can be more expensive depending on weight, value,  and destination zone.  Insurance is mandatory if the value of your order is more than $30.  For very small orders such as parts, we will often use First Class Mail if you have asked for "Best Way."   

We also ship via UPS (ground and air) and FedEx (air only).

Due to fuel surcharges, residential delivery fees, and "extended area" charges,  ground service is almost always more expensive than Priority Mail.  All ground shipments are fully insured.  

UPS also offers overnight priority, next day, second day, and three day air services.  Rates vary substantially depending on weight, distance, and urgency.  

If you have specific requirements beyond the choices offered, say so in your shipping instructions and we will advise the rate in your order confirmation message.

Sales tax will be added for orders delivered within the state of Colorado. Rates range from 2.9% to 8.1% depending upon the delivery location in CO.  The total sales tax is aggregated from any of the following that are relevant:

CO State - 2.9%
Regional Transportation District (also cultural district tax) - 1.1%
Arapahoe County - 0.25%
City of Aurora - 3.75%

INTERNATIONAL orders are shipped via :

First Class International (formlerly Letter Mail)
Priority Mail International (formerly Air Parcel Post)
Priority Mail International Express (formerly Express Mail)
Express Courier (FedEx or UPS).

All surface/economy rates have been abolished by the USPS, and Priority Mail International is the least expensive method that can be insured.

Please feel free to ask for a quote via e-mail or by calling Milestone Technologies on +1(303) 752-3382 between the hours of 9am and 6pm Mountain Standard Time.  Please note that considerable additional work is required in preparing documentation for international orders, and often they must be physically taken to the Post Office or courier's office, so the handling component of the charge may be higher.

All International orders are accompanied by a customs declaration showing the nature and value of the contents-- any import customs duties, fees or taxes are the purchaser's responsibility. If any legitimate special markings are required please let us know when you place your order.  We will NOT falsify customs documents. Remember, your order may be subject to duties and taxes upon arrival-- these are beyond our control and you should check with your own authorities if you have questions.


Send details of the products required along with a check or money
order to:

Milestone Technologies, Inc.
2460 South Moline Way
Aurora, CO 80014-2670

You will need to include the shipping and handling charge, and Colorado residents must add sales tax. Feel free to call or email us for exact figures, and to verify that the items are in stock. 

Telephone and FAX Orders

(800) 238-8205

Place your credit card order by calling (toll free) 1-800-238-8205.  You can leave your order in an answering machine message if you include  your credit card number and expiration data along with a contact  phone number and details of the products you are ordering.  The same applies  to FAX orders which can be sent to (303) 745-6792 any time. Note:  We do not accept unsolicited advertisements at the facsimile number.

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover,  and EuroCard.

Also Carte Blanche, Diners' Club,  and EuroCard

On-line Ordering

Our ordering facility is secure-- look for the "locked padlock" emblem in your browser.  The secure server certificate is registered to Milestone Technologies, Inc., and the secure pages will be identified as belonging to  This is true regardless of the division that you are ordering from, e.g. Morse Express, Oak Hills Research, and Ameco. All electronic orders are subject to confirmation and verification before shipment.

For what it's worth, we think that Internet security issues have been blown WAY out of proportion, principally by the people who want to sell you security solutions.

Think about this-- which of these is more likely to be a problem?

In our experience, the only significant risk in electronic shopping is right at the end of the pipeline, the person or company you give your information to. You should exercise the same cautions as when shopping by phone or mail order. And the ultimate security device is a credit card provider who will cancel transactions which you didn't authorize. We've been handling credit card orders by phone, mail, and e-mail for over a decade with no problems.  A recent survey found that 85% of internet businesses have had NO problems with credit card fraud.

Click here for a summary of things you can do to prevent credit card fraud (provided by one of our credit card companies), and feel free to click the Better Business Bureau link on our main page.

Remember, any information you submit will be held in confidence and will NOT be released to any other party, period.

Merchandise Returns

Most products sold by Milestone Technologies are covered by a manufacturer's warranty which at the very least covers any defects in materials or manufacture.  In many cases you will need to return a defective product direct to the manufacturer, but Milestone Technologies should be consulted before you return your merchandise.

There can be considerable cost in taking an item back into stock-- we have to inspect it, sometimes repackage it, and prepare a refund.  And we don't get the credit card fees back!  Goods which are accepted for return in original condition and for reasons other than material defect will be subject to a re-stocking charge of up to 15% of the purchase price. We can usually reduce or even waive the re-stocking fee if you are exchanging for goods of equal or greater value, or can accept a "store credit" against future purchases.   

Seven things YOU can do
to prevent credit card fraud

1.    Report lost or stolen cards immediately by calling your credit card provider.  And, to be on the safe side, check your cards periodically, just to make sure you have them all.  Keep a list of your card numbers and the providers' phone numbers some place where you can find it quickly if your purse or wallet is stolen.

2.   Never give your account number or other personal information over the phone, e-mail, or the world wide web unless you initiated the contact and you're positive you are dealing with a legitimate business.

3.   Keep your PIN (Personal Identification Number) absolutely confidential.  Don't write it on your card or carry it with you, and never give it out over the phone.

4.   Review your monthly statement carefully, and report any unauthorized charges immediately.

5.   If you don't receive your monthly statement, call your card provider to verify your mailing address.  If the address is correct, you will need to notify your Post Office of possible mail fraud.

 6.   Sign your new credit cards as soon as you get them.  Old or expired cards should be cut up and thrown away.

7.  After making an in-person purchase, be sure the card returned to you is yours.


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