Funny Noises

Marshall G. Emm N1FN/VK5FN


Funny Noises is a periodical column written by N1FN  for The Low Down, official publication of the Colorado QRP Club.  The column started when N1FN was President of CQC, which position entitled him to space in the newsletter for expression of ideas and opinions that may or may not have represented the views of the Editor or the Club.  Although N1FN has long since given up the Presidency, the column continues as a series of essays on various topics of interest to QRPers in particular and hams in general.   "Funny Noises" is a humorous description of CW signals as they sound to the uninitiated, and also a phonetic representation of N1FN's callsign suffix--  "N1 Funny Noises".

Great Expectations-- Not just a matter of opinion.
Great Expectations II -- Not just a matter of opinion.
(springs and magnets)
Great Expectations III -- Not just a matter of opinion.
The Power of Protection-- When Diodes Aren’t Enoughfn1010.pdf
By the Numbers-- Morse Code after Restructuringfn0710.pdf
The Mother of All Network Protocols fn0299.pdf
What's Wrong with This Picture? fn0602.pdf
Your No-Code Accent, and what to do about it... fn1101.pdf
Why not a QRP DXpedition? fn0499.pdf
Spring, and a Young Man's Fancy... fn0200.pdf
Standing by for Y2K!fn1299.pdf


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