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RU Keys
Soviet Military Surplus!

As of January, 2008, all of the Soviet military keys (TK/TKF/TKM) have sold out .  We will leave this page in place for purposes of  reference, and will reactive the shopping cart links if we are able to find a source for these popular keys.

Model TKF Heavy Duty Key with Filter
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"New Old Stock" (NOS), these keys were manufactured in Cherkassy, Ukraine, for the Soviet military up through the 1980s but were never delivered.  Designed for heavy duty use, they are very robust but can be adjusted for a very nice feel.  Tension, contact spacing, and bearing tension can all be adjusted.  The hinged cover and base are a heavy plastic, as is the knob.

The TKF model has a filter built into it (but of course can be used as an ordinary straight key).  Soviet military CW field operations were often very high power and "RF Dirty;"  the filter was designed to keep induced RF currents off the key line and eliminate contact sparking.  Listed in Perera's "Telegraph Collector's Guide" they are very collectable and represent a lucky find for us and a rare opportunity for you to grab a piece of Cold War history.

The TKF measures 3-1/2" by 3" at the base of the filter unit (not counting the attached metal plate, which is 3" by 5-1/8") with the knob extending upwards a further half inch above the top cover and forward an inch and a half from the front.  It weighs 15 Oz. and because of the metal plate it can be used flat on a  desk or table without tipping.  There are four connection terminals on the back of the key-- one is ground, and the others, marked "ABC" in Cyrillic are for through keying, the filter, and the rear "break" contact. 

RU-TKF $49.95

Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information

What Others are Saying...

               I've been using the Soviet tkf now for 3 months and it has
               made my first 200 cw contacts a breeze. I never expected
               such a nice handling peice of equipment at such a modest
               price! Originally purchased for a novelty, but quickly went
               on the air and stayed there! Smooth as silk, and minimal
               fatigue, for hours of operating at a time, at up to 18wpm.
               Thank you, ROB, KC8NYW

Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Model TKF Soviet
Hand Key which I purchsed from Morse Express a few weeks ago.  It is a
very distinctive looking key and handles extremely well. I have often
heard that the plastic on Soviet keys is not of the best quality, but that
certainly is not the case with the TKF key.   Not only is this key
fashioned from good quality materials, but the workmanship is absolutely
excellent.   The gap and spring adjustments are easily accessed and will
fit any operator's preferences.  In fact I have had no difficulties
sending with this key in the 20 wpm range for long periods with little or
no fatigue.  If anyone has been wanting to add a Russian or Soviet key to
his collection, this is the one to buy!  The price is right too!  As
usual, Marshall, it is always a pleasure doing business with you.  Thanks again
for a fine product,  and I look forward to doing more business with Morse Express
in the future.  --Bill, K0CDJ

I've been using my newly received Soviet TKF hand key on the air for
about a week and it works like a charm.   I'm enjoying the TKF a lot. It makes a
very welcome addition to my modest collection of surplus military hand keys.
--Rick, KD6DKC

The order came through in fine shape. EVERYTHING is superb !!!!  The pictures
do not do any justice. The keys (TK & TKF) are absolutely fabulous.
The only words that come to mind are UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE !!!
I have never been so pleased with a company as I am with yours. You have earned
a customer for life. The complete process, from initial order through receipt could
not have been easier. Your careful packaging is second to none. All of the items....keys,
J-38 pins and the replacement Skillman cover are exceptional. The quality of everything
far exceeded any expectations. I can't thank you AND your company enough !!!
All The best es 73
--Peter, WA1ISA

If you are a user of the TK keys, your comments could be here!  Write to us via the link below, and please be sure to say specifically that we can use your comments on the web page.


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