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Schurr Morsetasten 

Paddles and Keys

Modern Classics!

A thirty-year tradition in  keys and paddles, Schurr Morsetasten has now handed over to Scheunemann Morsetasten.  Parts for Schurr products are still available (see below) and the Schurr pages will remain intact as a "museum" for one of the all-time greats.

Schurr Profi 2
Click picture above to view in full size.
Schurr Morsetasten


Regarded by many as simply the best paddle ever made, the Profi (Professional) II comes complete with tilt-open dust cover and connection cable. Large adjustment knobs for contact spacing and spring tension allow precision adjustment while preserving stability--  a Profi II virtually never needs to be readjusted. Adjustments can be made by hand and there is no need to touch the locking screws.  The contacts are convex, and gold plated. The hand-finished fingerpieces are shaped for maximum comfort while preserving precise control.  The base, machined from a solid block of surgical-quality brass, is coated with a trade-secret polymer that resists wear, staining, and pitting over a lifetime of use.

Weight: 52.9 oz.
Size: 5.5"x3.2"x2.3"


Replacement Dust Cover for Schurr Profi 2  $24.00

   --SM001D (60mm inside width between mounting holes)


    --SM001C (65mm inside width between mounting holes)

Replacement Fingerpieces for Schurr Profi 2 $23.00/pr
Replacement Fingerpieces for Schurr Portable 2 $23.00/pr (Scheunemann Pattern)
Replacement Fingerpiece for Schurr Einhebel $18.00/ea

Older, discontinued Schurr keys can be seen here.

Cable replacement instructions can be seen here.

Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information

 Gerhard Schurr, DH2SAA.  His motto, shown in German above, translates as:
"If you stop trying to be better, soon you will stop being good."

What Others are Saying...
If you are a user of Schurr instruments, your comments could be here!  Write to us via the link below, and please be sure to say specifically that we can use your comments on the web page.

Well my new Schurr Profi 2 arrived today.  I felt like a kid at
Christmas time! After hooking it up and making a few adjustments I
realized I had died and gone to heaven!  This paddle is by far one of the
smoothest I have ever felt! Solid feedback, and no chance of walking
across the desk.

73-- Rich Herzer, AF2CW
I love this Schurr Profi so much that I just purchased the EINHEBEL
and the PORTABLE 2. I had used Vibroplex and Bencher paddles for years,
 but since getting the Schurr Profi I have gotten rid of the Benchers and
only kept one Vibroplex due to sentimental value. I have several GHD keys
that are great keys, but always go back the the Schurr Profi when doing serious
CW. I have 2 Schurr Profi keys one in the house station and one in the
5th wheel station. 

73's K7JAL Joe A Lankford

I am using the Schurr Profi paddle and it is truly one of the finest

paddles I 've used.  If you buy a Schurr, you will never want
another paddle again. Let me say that it is extremely sturdy, the levers
are easily adjusted to fit nearly any operating preference you have, and
it looks absolutely beautiful. When I first removed it from the box, I
couldn't believe what treasure I had received. Once I began using it, all
other paddles went on the shelf. Also, if you purchase it from Marshall of
Milestone Technologies/Morse Express, you know you will receive excellent
service in addition to an excellent product.

Scott Howell, N3BYY

I can't say enough about Schurr's paddles. They are, without a doubt, the
finest paddles I have ever used. I will take them to my grave.

73, Scott Madison, WN1B


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